Coming Soon

I am currently working on 10 new paintings! The details for the paintings can be found below. Please check in regularly to see what's coming. You can also commission a painting by contacting me.

Christian Paintings

Windows of Heaven
With Mary resting, Joseph looked into the heavens to gaze at the stars above and was reminded from whence this newly arrived babe has just come.

Historical Paintings

Carrying a variety of people from various backgrounds, the Titanic had passengers and crew on her maiden voyage that would share a common destiny on a one way journey that none would ever forget.

Lugwig’s World
King Ludwug II of Bavaria was an eccentric King who never adapted well to politics, but devoted himself to his personal creative projects, most famously his castles, and his love for music and the theater. “der Märchenkönig, the ‘Fairy Tale King’”

Children's Paintings

Who found Who?
Searching for adventure by trying to find an extinct species like Tyrannosaurus Rex might sound like a fun and exciting challenge.....until you find one!

A warm afternoon seemed like the perfect time to take a walk in the riverbed for a family of Apatosaurus. Just beware of the insects and Velociraptors!

Season for Panda’s
After a long year of hunting and getting into mischief, most bears are ready for a long winters nap, but not the Panda. Hibernate and miss out on all the fun!?

Old Enemies
When your brain is the size of a golf ball, it is easy to forget a lot of things, but not when it comes to remembering someone trying to eat you! Old enemies are hard to forget.

The life of a dinosaur was always lived one step ahead of being eaten or stepped on by someone bigger than you, unless of course, you lived much of your life soaring on the wind like a Pterosaur.

Dinner Time!
In prehistoric times, when it came to the food chain and getting some dinner, the general rule was the bigger the stomach the louder the rumble.

Time to Play!
When it comes to both living in a world filled with distractions and getting your practicing done on the piano, it can be very difficult to know when it is time to play....or time to play!