“Bread of Life”

Bread of Life

Bread of Life

The title “Bread of Life” refers to the Savior when he said if we will partake, we shall never hunger. This was in reference to us being spiritually fed. To emphasize this point, I painted him sitting in a previously harvested field while eating bread that could have been made from the last harvest.

The dividing of the bread is symbolic of the final judgment when the world has experienced the last great harvest, and must now be judged accordingly. The smaller portion found in his right hand represents the righteous, while the rest of the world is further away in his left.

Partaking of the “bread” brings new life to our souls, which is represented by butterflies having or soon to emerge from their cocoons to experience a “re-birth.”

This partaking should be a life long process, which is indicated with young olive trees on the right and then by following the doves past the Savior we reach the old olive tree on the left, suggesting that we can remain strong and tall as we are nourished by His words until we reach the end of our time here in mortality.
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