“Build upon the Rock”

Build upon the Rock

Build Upon The Rock

These are happy and exciting times we live in, but also very troubling times. Things we used to count on and thought were built on a sure foundation, have begun to falter and fail in their purpose and can no longer offer us the security we have always looked for them to provide. As the world searches for the answer, but finds none, we must look to the Savior for the very foundation on which we should build our lives.

Just as a ravenous pack of wolves silently stalks it’s prey and waits for the right opportunity to attack, the evil one is always waiting to catch us unaware and to attack us at our most vulnerable moment. The influence of sin is everywhere. As we go about our everyday lives, striving to do what is right and live as best we can, we must be alert to the potential danger.

I chose to portray the Savior as a source of strength as he patiently offers to help us throughout our lives until the time that he will return again. Until that time comes, he offers us safety inside the walls of his mighty fortress from both spiritual attacks and the storms that will come to each of us. If we accept his invitation, we will be like those who are wise and will have built our spiritual lives upon the rock that will never fail.
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