“Gift of the Lamb”

Gift of the Lamb

Gift of the Lamb

The story of this painting takes place some time after the birth of Jesus and the shepherds have come to visit the baby King. We are familiar with the story of the wise men bringing their expensive gifts to the Savior and in the shepherd’s story there is also an offered gift, but not one of great cost or wealth. After spending a short but sacred time with the Holy Family, the shepherds bid farewell and start preparing for the journey back to their flocks. Before leaving however, the young shepherd boy brings in his gift to the Savior that he had carefully and lovingly brought with him, his very best lamb. As he laid the offering of his most precious possession at the feet of the babe, he wondered if his gift would be worthy of the Son of God, not realizing that some day the offering of the Lamb of God would not only be presented as a gift to him, but to the entire world.
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