“In the Hands of the Father”

In the Hands of the Father

In the Hands of the Father

During quiet times when I think of the Savior’s birth, I am truly humbled by it’s sacred nature and by the events that occurred both before and after. I think of Mary holding the infant surrounded by wise men and shepherds that have come from far away to honor and pay respect.

But when I think of Joseph, I think of a young man that exercised great faith in a difficult situation prior to the birth. I think of a man who loved Mary very much and was more concerned with her needs than that of his own.

I chose to portray Joseph taking a turn nurturing the newborn infant while Mary was able to get some much needed rest. The only earthly witnesses to his kindness are the animals found in the manger, who seem to sense the divine nature of his goodness.

“In the Hands of the Father” reflects the great responsibility that Joseph felt, but at the same time was able to draw strength from being in the hands of someone much greater than his own.
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