“Lead Thou Me On”

Lead Thou Me On

Lead Thou Me On

In the closing days of 1777, the cold grip of winter was settling in on the young Continental army led by George Washington. It was a time without many victories and held an uncertain future for this young nation in it’s struggle for freedom.

I believe that Washington was a man of faith and believed that the will and wisdom of man alone would not be enough to rise triumphant in the ongoing struggle. I imagine that he would often retire alone to the woods to approach the Lord in prayer and ask for wisdom and guidance. He knew wherein to put his trust.

I tried to capture such a moment, when, on a quiet and wintry afternoon, he would kneel before his maker and ask for much needed inspiration and direction.

During their time at Valley Forge, the army overcame adversity to become a unified force through hard work and by following the lead of George Washington as he put his trust in the only one who could bring about eventual victory and ensure freedom for all.
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