“Living Water”

Living Water

Living Water

During Christ’s ministry, he must have spent a great deal of time walking between the many towns and cities in which he taught the gospel. I imagine that he would occasionally stop to rest and refresh himself, pondering and communing with his Father in Heaven.

I chose to portray the Savior during such a sojourn. He is not alone, however. The water represents each one of us as we journey through this mortal existence. Our lives begin as flowing water, full of energy and free from the effects of a cruel and difficult world, represented by a barren and seemingly lifeless landscape.

Sometimes we overflow the safety of our banks and find ourselves trapped in stagnant pools of temptation and sin. The touch of the Savior brings life to our souls, which is illustrated by the reflection of living trees in the water. The vegetation in and on the water is also lush with life. When we wander, may we always look to him and strive to reflect his image in our countenance.
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