“Slumber Party!”

Slumber Party!

Slumber Party!

Life is funny sometimes. Each day can bring with it opportunities for us to strengthen or tear down our relationships with friends or loved ones, depending on our action in a given situation.

I chose to depict a typical “sleep-over” between a couple of ten year old best friends. After an evening of playing games and listening to their favorite music, they are told it’s time to get to bed. Before retiring for the night however, mom hears giggles and obvious mischief coming from down the hall. Instead of yelling at the girls, she decides to see what is going on in person. She opens the door unnoticed to find a full fledged pillow fight underway, complete with flying feathers.

The hour is late, she is tired, and normally would not hesitate to yell at the girls to clean up the mess and get to sleep, but this time instead, decides to remain quiet and watch for just a minute.

She realizes that her little girl is not so little any more. She notices that nail polish and magazines have replaced dolls and coloring books and that boys, high school and beyond are really not that for away. She sighs and thinks back to her own childhood, when she was a little girl and of the wonderful memories she had of growing up. It really doesn’t seem all that long ago. Time really flies! She quietly closes the door and goes back to her own room. The feathers can wait till morning.
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