“My Redeemer Lives”

My Redeemer Lives

My Redeemer Lives

I chose to portray the sacred events of that first Easter from the perspective of Mary Magdalene.

Upon returning to the tomb that glorious morning, the sorrowing Mary still not comprehending that Christ had risen from the dead, looked inside to find his body gone and assumed it had been stolen. In her sorrow she turned from the tomb, now having lost her last connection with the Lord and retired to a rock with handkerchief in hand to mourn his loss.

When Christ appeared and asked her why she was weeping, she thought he was the caretaker and said, “they have taken away my Lord.” Jesus then said, “Mary,” and she immediately recognized his voice.

At that moment Mary released her complete and total sorrow, which is represented by the falling handkerchief and reached out with joy and hope to the resurrected Lord. I emphasized this theme by the high contrast and central location of the hand and cloth.

“My Redeemer Lives” reflects the extraordinary moments of that morning, as seen through the eyes of one person, but would some day be experienced by all.
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